Top 5 social media tips for small businesses

Top 5 social media tips for small businesses

(NC) – Limited by time and resources, Canadian small business owners often view having a presence on social media channels as a daunting task. However, with over 18 million Canadians on Facebook alone, setting up a page for your business is a simple and cost effective way to be more discoverable, build relationships with new and existing customers, and drive in-store or online sales.

Here are five easy steps to amplify your social presence and help grow your business:

• Say more with less: When posting Facebook content, keep updates to 90 characters or less. People are more likely to browse short updates, so it’s no surprise that posts following this rule see 60 per cent more engagement.

• A picture says a thousand words: Engage fans visually by using photos. If you’re stuck on a subject, try snapping pictures of your latest products or personalize the page with pictures of yourself and your workplace. Posts with images receive more engagement than those without.

• Be searchable: Make sure your company’s address, phone number and hours are up to date on social media. As more Canadians start using Graph Search, a product that enables people to find information through the filter of their friends, having relevant and up-to-date information on your page will help your business be more discoverable.

• Find the right audience: When sharing a post, make sure you’re targeting the right people. Select the target on the right side of your post to determine the audience. You will be able to target the post according to several criteria including age, gender and location. Do you own a local floral shop? Use Facebook’s targeting option to drive increased traffic around Valentine’s Day by targeting people who are in a relationship in your city.

• Timing is everything: Schedule your posts for the time of day and day of the week when the majority of your users are on social media. The time will vary depending on your business, and you can test to find out what works best for your customers. If your business tends to be busier on the weekends, try scheduling a post on Thursday or Friday to promote your weekend sales.

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