Time Management Tips

Be on time for meetings

Don’t trying to squeeze in “just one more thing” before going to a meeting. Instead, get there early. Take something you can work on while you wait for others to arrive.

Don’t hit the “snooze” button

More than a third of all adults hit the “snooze” button an average of three times before getting up each morning. That adds up to 27 minutes each day. Imagine what you could do with an extra 14 hours per month.

Limit the routine

Set a time limit on routine tasks. Don’t waste time “tweaking” a routine job to perfection. Free up that time for more important tasks.

Streamline your voicemail

Include instructions in your greeting on how to bypass your message and go straight to leaving one for you.

Purge your files

Commit to spending five minutes per day, purging three file folders. By the end of the month, you will have cleaned out approximately 60 file folders.

4 thoughts on “Time Management Tips”

  1. Great post. Short and to the point. I still struggle with the snooze button, I guess that I am one of the 33%. I do the like the idea of purging 3 files folders a day. This seems manageable, and you will be able to purge approximately 1000 files by the end of the year. That is incredible!
    Now, if you can scan them while you purge them, you could be paperless in no time.

  2. This is a great post! Staying on time and managing my tasks is a challenge that I personally face. I find that a visual representation really keeps me focused and on track. Whether it’s personal fitness, meditation, work, or sleep, I always keep everything organized with my wellness planner Owaves (www.owaves.com). I can streamline my tasks for the day and stick to my plan due to the planner’s intuitive features. It has a really unique fun and visual platform which I contribute my productivity to.

  3. I’ve found the part about limiting the routine to be the most helpful. I batch and time box routine tasks in my Apollo Planner http://www.apolloplanner.com/ and knock them out with the clock ticking. I feel like an athlete while washing the dishes!

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