Take Time for Rest and Relaxation

It’s three days before Christmas and things are ready to go. There will be a couple of things that need to be done on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, I’m starting my day a little slower, taking time to tweak preparations for Christmas and relaxing.

You know the adage, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” You need to take a break occasionally. With Christmas around the corner, it’s a good reminder to take advantage of slow periods to step away from regular activity and recharge.

Sometimes the easiest response when you feel overloaded is to take a short break. Go for a walk. Find a quieter or a different space to work. If you’re experiencing major stress, it may be time for a vacation.

Taking a break may seem counterintuitive to getting things done, but you need energy to be productive. If you’re not eating properly; or your muscles are tight from too much time in one position; or your stress level is rising; your productivity will decrease.

You don’t have an endless supply of energy and drive. Now and again you need to take some time to re-charge your emotional and spiritual batteries.

Take a break.

Take a few minutes for lunch—away from your desk. Take a 10-minute nap or a short walk to relieve the stress. When you return to your work, you’ll have energy to tackle the job.

Take mini breaks.

If you are in a seasonal business, taking a long break at Christmas may not be practical. You can still take a few hours to hit the gym or the movies or get a facial or massage. A short weekend trip is restorative. Also, as a reminder for when things get quieter, pin up a picture of your next vacation destination.

Learn to Say No.

Often, the difference between being in control of time or time controlling us is the ability to say a simple two-letter word, no. We get caught up in a false sense of obligation: quid pro quo obligation to friends, the need to please family or performance obligations at work. In all areas of life, there are times when no is the best response.

The holiday season can put a lot of extra pressure on you. Make sure you take some time in the next couple of weeks to relax. You will be in much better shape to face the New Year.