Start Your Christmas Planning in August

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Did you know we are less than 18 weeks away from Christmas? Has Christmas 2009 even crossed your mind? You’re probably more concerned about back-to-school or the restart of regular fall activities; anything but Christmas.

Organized Christmas has a different idea. They have a Holiday Grand Plan. By breaking down all the tasks needed to clean and organize the house and prepare for the holidays, and dividing them into weekly assignments, the Holiday Grand Plan will help you reach the season calm, centered and ready tocelebrate from a clean and organized home.

Holiday Grand Plan 2009 begins on Sunday, August 30, and continues throughout the holiday season. …the Holiday Grand Plan combines holiday prep, home organizing and cleaning components.

Browse each week’s assignment for cleaning and holiday prep using the links below. Free printable checklists and calendars make it easy to plan your progress and organize each week’s goals.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get starting planning Christmas!

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  1. Print these Holiday Grand Plan 2012 calendar pages to prepare for the holiday season with the Web’s oldest Christmas organizing plan. Week by week the HGP will take you closer to your goal: a clean and organized home for Christmas.

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