It’s always New Normal

Those of you who might read the content here on the Messy Desk will have noticed a change in tone and topic over the past couple or three months. The past two years have had a significant impact on the way we live and have challenged our notions of what is important, the ways we work and interact and our notions of “normal”.

I think it’s safe to say, the expressions “new-normal” and “unprecedented” have been bandied around a lot over the past two years. After all, media outlets need to sensationalize current events to attract customers. What better way than to hype the ordinary?

The thing is, we live in a world of constant change, good and bad. What was normal one, ten, twenty and more years ago is not necessarily normal today. We are always dealing with “new-normal”. We often do things that are unprecedented.

As we have navigated the pandemic over this past couple of years, I have experienced a shift in thinking about the priorities in my life. I’m no longer interested in managing my time, or being productive, or any of those other things that are often reckoned as markers of success. Consequently, posts on those topics will be virtually non-existent, in the future.

Now, to be clear, I am talking about my priorities. I’m not looking to change the minds of those who have different priorities or work to manage their lives in different ways. To that end, I’m not nuking previous content. There are readers that still find those posts useful.

However, I hope I have something to say about a simpler way of living. Not that I’m an expert, but on a journey to examine my own life and see how I might change that way I live and influence others through my example.