family celebrating christmas while holding burning sparklers

How to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

This holiday time of the year is supposed to be one of peace, love, and goodwill to all. But with the stress and commotion of the season, many of us end up feeling more like Mr. Scrooge than Santa Claus. Maybe you’re working overtime this month and Christmas is at the back of your mind. Perhaps you have no holiday spirit at all, or you just realized, Christmas is two-weeks away! Here are some ideas on how to get into that cheery holiday spirit!

STEP 1: Shop early.

Nothing takes away the Christmas spirit like fighting for parking and struggling through crowds.

STEP 2: Holiday greetings

Wish people that you meet in stores and other casual environments a happy holiday. Say it with a smile.

STEP 3: Donate

Put money in a Salvation Army kettle. Give items to the food bank. May NGOs have extra demands at this time of year. Help the out.

STEP 4: Do something nice for someone.

Offer to babysit so a friend can do her Christmas shopping, take cookies to your neighbors, or shovel an elderly neighbor’s walk.

STEP 5: Volunteer

Even if you are busy, you can spare an hour or two to help people less fortunate than you.

STEP 6: Organize a food drive

Get co-workers or neighbours involved. Collect food and personal items and donate them to a local shelter for the homeless or for battered women.

STEP 7: Play Christmas music.

As that ambassador for Christmas, Buddy the Elf says, “The best way to spread Christmas is cheer singing loud for all to hear.”

STEP 8: Watch Christmas movies.

Elf, or The Santa Claus are good for reviving a flagging Christmas spirit, as is How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

STEP 9: Read

A Christmas Carol

STEP 10: Decorate your house for the holidays.

STEP 11: Don’t spend more money than you have.

Anxiety over after-Christmas bills can ruin your holiday.