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Gratitude Journals and Why They Work

Christine Kane shares some thoughts on a powerful tool, the gratitude journal. Most of us who live in the West live with abundance, yet we get bogged down complaining about the things we think we need/want/wish. A gratitude journal can shift that focus in a big hurry. Consider all you can be thankful for.

A gratitude journal is a blank notebook where you write lists of things for which you are grateful. Every night, before you go to bed, you take about three minutes to write down a list of five things. (Or any do-able number.) Some days, you might be feeling particularly abundant, and those five things just fly onto the page. Some days, it might feel like you can’t think of even two things. That’s when you remember how amazing it is that you even have a roof over your head or food to eat. That’s when you remember your cat (again) and the fact that you have hot water for a bath. No matter what you’re feeling, you find time to write down these five things every single night without fail. And they don’t always have to be new and different

Gratitude Journals and Why They Work – Christine Kane