Get organized for back to school

I know, I know, it feels like school just finished and it’s still summer. Isn’t it a little early to be thinking about back to school? Unfortunately, for kids, the start of school is only a week or so away.

Here are some tips to prepare home and family for getting into the back-to-school groove.

  1. Have a Centralized Calendar.
    It’s not only back to school, it’s also back to sports, back to scouts, back to PTA, back to choir, etc. A family calendar can help you track what is going on for all family members. Keep it in a centralized location where family members can easily add their events. You’ll know at a glance what is going on any given day.
  2. Get the schedule working early.
    Don’t wait for the first day of school to make the adjustments to the household schedules. Start easing family into the school-year routine a couple of weeks before schoolstarts. Start giving children their school year bed and wake times. Adjust mealtime routines to match school year routines.
    Check before you shop.
  3. August is the second-biggest sales month for clothing retailers. Are you ready to tackle cloth shopping? Be prepared before you head out. Assess what the kids have, what they need, what can be handed down and what needs to be thrown out. Then, with list in hand, hit the stores.
  4. Round up your papers.
    Eliminate last-minute searches. Determine what documents you need for school registration. Call the school before registration day to find out what paperwork will be required—then find it!
  5. Organize your mornings.
    How would you characterize school mornings in your home; crazy and chaotic or calm and cheerful? Plan your morning routines the evening before.
  6. Tighten up current household systems.
    This time of year adds a whole new layer of commitments and stresses on top of the things that regularly need to be done. Take some time to evaluate your household routines: cleaning, meal preparation, etc. Make sure that these are being handled as efficiently as possible.

Attention to these few things can make a big difference as you swing into the school year.

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