Free Google Tools for Your Non-Profit

Did you know that Google offers a suite of tools to qualified non-profits? These are premium, licensed Google products , but at no cost. These products can help your organization reach new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and tell your non-profit’s story. They are cloud-based tools, managed by Google, which may help reduce your IT costs.

Google for Nonprofits includes Google Apps for Nonprofits, Google Ad Grants, YouTube Nonprofit Program, and Google Earth Pro. Canadian registered charities, Federal nonprofits and Provincial nonprofits may be eligible to apply for the program. Please note, some types of organizations are not eligible and will not be verified:

  • Governmental entities or organizations
  • Hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • Schools, academic institutions, or universities

A quick summary of the products offered*:

G Suite for Nonprofits

Enable your teams to collaborate, iterate, and innovate together, from anywhere, in real time, with our cloud-based productivity suite.

Google Ad Grants

Receive in-kind advertising for your nonprofit through Google Search and increase awareness worldwide.

YouTube Nonprofit Program

Share your nonprofit videos through YouTube to better connect with supporters, volunteers, and donors. 

Google Earth and Maps

Bring your nonprofit’s story to life with custom maps and global location data.

One Today

Build nonprofit fundraising campaigns that tie supporters’ donations to their impact, making it easy for them to give at any level.

Steps to Access Google for Nonprofits

How does a nonprofit apply for the program? Head over to Google for Nonprofits.

  • Confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements
  • Request a Google for Nonprofits account
  • Once your nonprofit is verified, you’ll be notified by email
  • Then you can activate and use the individual products

In Canada, TechSoup manages the eligibility process, and validate your organization’s legal status and activities. If you’re looking for more detail in the process, click through to their Google for Nonprofits FAQ page.

Many small charities and non-profits don’t have the staff or budget for building the technology structure needed to create a strong digital strategy. Google for Nonprofits allows organizations of all sizes to benefit from great tools that aid with targeted advertising, donor acquisition, organizational productivity, and much more.

Check it out.

*not all products are available in all countries