christmas tree with baubles

End Christmas Slowly

You spend weeks planning, shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating, caroling and much more. Suddenly, on December 25th, it seems to end in a flash. Sometimes we’re so worn out from the preparation, we’re glad to see the end of all the activity.

However, just as you can use Advent celebrations to focus your preparations for Christmas, you can use the 12 Days of Christmas as a time to emphasize values beyond ripping open the gifts and gobbling down the turkey.

Instead, try these:

  • Traditionally, Boxing Day is a day to share Christmas bounty with the less fortunate. Instead of boxing up your leftovers, prepare meals to be delivered to people who are unable to get out.
  • Schedule seasonal socializing for the period immediately after Christmas, rather than trying to jam in one more party before Christmas Day.
  • Plan a New Year’s Eve party. Invite people over to see in the New Year.
  • Use New Year’s Day as a family time to review the past 12 months and set goals for the year to come.
  • Leave your decorations up until Old Christmas Day and then have an un-decorating party. Create a family tradition out of that activity.
  • Get out one evening and see the lights and decorations that will be up for a few more days.
  • Research the customs of those who celebrate Old Christmas Day and try some of them with family and friends.

Take time both before and after Christmas day to enjoy the celebration.