Effective Employee Orientation

How to complete effective employee orientations

Hiring the right candidate is a challenging process. Once you’ve found your successful candidate, you need to make sure that they are effectively equipped to hit the ground running in their new position.

A good orientation program can take time and preparation. The pay-off  is employees who are ready to make an immediate impact and transition into their new role quickly and efficiently.

The investment of a little time and money preparing an orientation program can lead to savings from reduced employee turnover in the first year, as well as gains in performance and morale.

The cliche applies, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Benefits of employee orientation

  • Keeps the excitement level of the new applicant high: When coming to a new position, new employees are motivated to learn and succeed!
  • Retains your new recruits: Where staff members are made to feel welcome, and they are provided with a culture of support, and the information and materials they need to succeed right away, your organization will increase the rate of retention for new employees, and save money on unnecessary recruiting costs associated with turnover.
  • Saves you money because of increased productivity and decreased errors, stress, and dependence on other staff members.
  • Increases morale in the new recruit and their team members, resulting from a clear understanding of the role and their obligations.
  • Increases health and safety, resulting from decreased injuries, incidents and near-misses that may occur where a new recruit is not provided with appropriate health and safety orientation.
  • Helps your organization meet legislative compliance regulations by providing the training required under the law.