A Christmas Planning Checklist for November

Okay… we’re well into November, but there’s still time to tackle most, if not all, of what is on this list.

One of the best ways to reduce the stress of holiday planning is to spread it over a number of months or even throughout the year. Even if you have done nothing else so far, you can relieve some of December’s pressure by putting these on your November to-do list.

  • Shop for clothing, accessories, hostess gifts, etc. for any holiday events events.
  • Buy tickets to seasonal entertainment.
  • Mail gifts to friends living abroad: the sooner the better. (Hopefully you have them bought by now.)
  • Check dishes and glassware for holiday entertaining.
  • Make a shopping list for entertaining and decorating.
  • Plan your December menus.
  • Stock up on all non-perishable grocery items needed through to the beginning of January.
  • Put up the outdoor lights. (You don’t have to turn them on until December.)
  • Check you ornaments and decorations and see if you need to replace or add to what you have.
  • De-clutter the house for seasonal decorating.
  • Create a master schedule of all events and activities for the season and post it on the refrigerator. Include non-holiday special events.
  • Schedule down time.
  • Leave a buffer of time so you can respond to spontaneous activities.
  • Stock up on batteries, memory storage, cables, etc. for capturing seasonal memories
  • Start your Christmas baking with those items which can be frozen ahead of time.
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