Evernote adds reminders

Evernote has added “reminders” to Mac, iOS and web-based versions. Hopefully. the feature will be added to the Windows version in the not too distant future.

Here’s a short video tutorial.

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2 Responses to Evernote adds reminders

  1. Richard Hall says:

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to use followupthen.com for reminders – I don’t want to have to fire up the web version just to use this feature. One of the great things about evernote is that it’s there on whatever device I have to hand and getting reminders is too important for it to depend on just one platform. (I mostly use EN on Windows and Android)

    • ianmckenzie says:

      Hey Richard, I have both an iPhone and an iPad, so I can workaround until it’s added to the Windows client.

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