8 Tips to Help You Clean Off Your Desk

  1. Make an appointment – Don’t just hope you find the time to clean up, set a calendar entry and stick to it.
  2. Use the right tools:
    • Set a timer for the length of time you have decided to work on this project.
    • Boxes or storage containers to use for sorting.
    • Garbage/recycling bags or box for shredding.
    • Organizer (paper or electronic) to enter to-dos, addresses or calendar data.
  3. Sort – everything into boxes/containers according to what needs to be done: file, shredrecycle, refer, toss, etc.
  4. Remove everything else – pens, stapler, toys, gadgets, phone, monitor, etc.
  5. Dust and polish – give your desktop a cleaning. This will also reinforce the idea of a “fresh start” for your desktop.
  6. Replace necessary items – The only things you should have on your desktop are those that you use daily.
  7. Process the paper – take the items you sorted into boxes and put them where they belong: filing, your tickler or reading folder or delegate/refer to a more appropriate person, etc.
  8. Take out the trash – get rid of the garbage. Don’t let it sit around the office for a couple of days: shred, recycle or toss.
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