8 Characteristics of a Good Team Leader

Effective teamwork is a critical aspect in all types of organizations. Team members should be completely comfortable working with each other in order to give the best to whatever they do.

Generally, we would see a team to be comprised of team members and a team leader. The onus of success lies on the team, but there is an expectation the team leader carries responsibility for the success of the team..

Anyone on the team can be a leader. It doesn’t always fall to the person appointed to that role. However, being successful as a team lead requires the following characteristics.

  1. Supportive:
    • ready to go to bat for the team
    • presents team needs to organization and organizational needs to team
  2. Focused on Organizational Effectiveness:
    • balances people and work
    • keeps “productivity” and “quality” to the forefront
  3. Grooms “replacements”:
    • shares leadership role
    • creates leaders
  4. Good communicator
    • willing to listen
    • able to express
  5. Innovator
    • pursuer of progress
    • and developer of people
  6. Creates positive expectancy.
    • sets high expectation levels
    • sets and expects high standards
  7. Models expected behaviours:
    • consensus decision-making
    • risk-taking
    • empowering
  8. Able to deal with problem team members:
    • creative problem-solving
    • coaching
    • power to remove