75 Reasons to Volunteer

You can make a difference.

Your work schedule is crazy and free time is hard to find — so why start volunteering now? People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some are motivated by altruistic values, some seek social justice, others just want to feel good.

Whatever your reason, volunteering can transform you and the world around you. There are plenty of reasons why you should volunteer – find the one that feels right.

  1. Help others
  2. Make a difference
  3. Find purpose
  4. Enjoy a meaningful conversation
  5. Connect with your community
  6. Feel involved
  7. Contribute to a cause that you care about
  8. Use your skills in a productive way
  9. Develop communication skills
  10. Build personal and professional contacts
  11. Meet new people
  12. Explore new areas of interest
  13. Help those who can’t help themselves
  14. Make new friends
  15. Preserve the environment
  16. Impact a child’s future
  17. Spread joy
  18. Build a better future
  19. Pass along wisdom
  20. Lift someone’s spirits
  21. Plant a community garden
  22. Develop new talents
  23. Showcase good citizenship
  24. Change someone’s life
  25. Give back to the community
  26. Do Your part
  27. Tutor a teen
  28. Right a wrong
  29. Help others stay healthy
  30. Put your skills to work
  31. Blaze a trail
  32. Make your mark
  33. Make your community safe
  34. Gain new insights
  35. Be part of a team
  36. Help a friend
  37. Understand new cultures
  38. Add meaning to your day
  39. Savour the love of others
  40. Clean up a park
  41. Assist at school
  42. Achieve harmony in life
  43. Feed the hungry
  44. Relieve disaster
  45. Get energized
  46. Be a companion
  47. Motivate others
  48. Make the world a better place
  49. Meet good people
  50. Impress your mom
  51. Impress yourself
  52. Build your self-esteem and self-confidence
  53. Expand your horizons
  54. Get out of the house
  55. Make new friends
  56. Explore new vistas
  57. Do your part
  58. Add sunshine to someone’s day
  59. Erase illiteracy
  60. For the love of children
  61. Achieve self-fulfilment
  62. Connect with your community
  63. Build shelters for the homeless
  64. Get that positive spirit flowing
  65. Bring the community together
  66. Be a positive influence
  67. Show that you care
  68. Feel good about yourself
  69. Stay young at heart
  70. Teach others
  71. Better your community
  72. Experience other lifestyles
  73. Help your neighbours
  74. Help wipe out poverty
  75. Have fun!

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