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5 Ways to Make the Holidays More Meaningful

Well… Christmas is two days away. How has the holiday season been for you? What do you celebrate, or do you choose not to celebrate? And, as we’re in year two of restrictions and lockdowns, how has that affected your celebrations?

The major holidays in the last weeks of the year can add stress to life: buying gifts, parties, decorating, spending time with extended family and friends, and so on. These can all add to a lack of enjoyment during this season.

What kinds of things can you do to draw more meaning from these celebrations?

Teach gratitude:

Gratitude is not reserved for material presents, but also for the blessings in our lives. Take time each day to identify three things that you are grateful for. This can help us understand the true meaning of the holidays in a couple of ways. First, we notice the little things we take for granted, a butterfly, a sunny day, getting to sleep in late. Secondly, once we notice these little things and are grateful for them, we become more aware of other things for which we can be grateful.

Motivate friends and family to make the holidays more meaningful:

Spend time discussing topics such as, what are you most grateful for? How can you make the world a better place? How can this holiday be more meaningful? What presents make you feel the best? Plan a kind-deed day to perform random acts of kindness. Write inspirational notes and leave them for others to find.

Learn the meaning behind different holiday traditions:

The lights at Hanukkah symbolize the light of the Creator in our lives. A wreath is a symbol of the eternal nature of God’s love and the circle of life. There are several symbols in the holidays at this time of year. Examine them and see how they might make your experience richer.

Celebrate differences:

Attend a worship service with a friend or a family member of another faith of denomination. This exposes us to the marvelous ways we are more similar than different. It is when we embrace the differences that we can come together in unity.

Slow down and enjoy the essence of the holidays:

We remember the time and experiences shared as a family not the gifts, the parties or how perfectly the house is decorated. Say no to commitments that are not going to serve your greater good.

What about you? Leave a comment below telling us the kinds of things you do to make the season more meaningful.