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5 Ways to Keep Positive During the Holidays

It’s easy to place too much pressure on ourselves at this festive time of the year. We get caught up in the demands of spending, entertaining, making things bigger and better than last year.


Mostly because we lose sight of the celebration and worry about impressing friends and family. Here are five ways to help keep things in perspective.

1. Focus on the reason you’re celebrating

It doesn’t make any difference what your tradition, there is significance attached to every holiday. When things feel like they’re getting out of hand, take a moment to remember why you’re observing the holiday.

2. Have a plan

Have you been a bit stressed during past Christmas seasons? Does it seem like the holidays bring too much to do? By organizing Christmas, you can make this a low-stress holiday.

3. Budget wisely

If you’re going to spend the next year paying off the debts you’ve accumulated by over-giving, it’s going to add to your stress. Create a sensible budget up front and stick to it. Don’t spend what you don’t have.

4. Help others

During the season of giving, the most precious gift we can give is the gift of our time. Find a way to help the less fortunate. Volunteering is a wonderful way to take our minds off ourselves.

5. Don’t over-indulge

Too much food, beverages, spending, celebrating, etc. may feel good at the time, but it can produce severe consequences. Celebrate the season in moderation. Make sure, when the holiday ends, you’ll be able to enjoy the coming months.