5 Ways To Build Better Workplace Relationships

Building good workplace relationships requires the same approach and commitment as building any other relationship. Just because work throws people together, it doesn’t follow that they will instantly connect and become the best team.

It takes effort to build workplace relationships: Here are 5 tips that can help:

  1. Take time to try to understand others. Find out what’s important to them, and why. They may be from a different generation or cultural background; look for ways to get to know them better. Consider the different personalities your coworkers have. Find the best ways to use these personalities when working together as a team.
  2. Be dependable and honest in all your interactions.
  3. Encourage people any way you can. Compliment them on their work. Cheer them on when they take risks, and thank them when they do things for you.
  4. Communicate – Listen well; listen more than you speak. Inform coworkers about your projects and schedules. Ask them how their work is going.
  5. If you are mistreated by a difficult person, don’t take it personally. Set boundaries when dealing with difficult people. Respond positively to their positive behaviour. Don’t give their negative behaviour too much attention, thereby reinforcing it.

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