5 Tips for Effective Phone Management

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The telephone has been a part of our lives for so long we probably don’t even think of it as technology. The telephone is a great communication tool. However, just like any other technology or toll, the telephone has to be used properly to be effective.  Here are some ways to manage your telephone use:

  1. Schedule time for outgoing calls. Place calls on your to-do list or create a separate call list and make the calls at schedules times during the day.
  2. Make notes of the things you need to discuss to keep the call on track.
  3. Make sure you have any documents, files or notes needed for the call.
  4. Schedule a time for the phone call if you are having problems making a connection.
  5. Make effective use of voice mail. When you leave a message, give as much information as is necessary for the other party to efficiently respond to your call.