5 Reasons to Market Yourself or Product with Public Speaking

As part of my professional development, I belong to a Human Resources association. Each month they have meetings with a variety of speakers. Each year they hold a regional conference, with more speakers and presenters. You probably do something similar as part of your profession.

By and large, the speakers at these events are marketing a product or service: often themselves. Some are blatant about it (they rarely come back a second time) while most let their presentation “sell” for them. If you’re willing to speak in public, you have to a strong tool for marketing you and your service.

Here are five reasons for marketing yourself in front of an audience:

1. It clarifies your message.

Speaking to an audience forces you to be clear about what you do and why people should use your service. This clarification can help you focus your other marketing efforts as well.

2. It gives access to a targeted audience.

You get to choose the audience you want to target. If you provide employee assistance programs, you’re going to want to talk to Human Resources professionals, benefit companies, small business owners, etc. Your focused message gets delivered to a target audience.

3. The potential for word-of-mouth marketing is unlimited.

A couple of weeks ago, my boss came in with a web address for me. He had heard a speaker and thought I might have use for the service presented. I visited the web-site and signed up for the newsletter subscription.

If you have your other marketing tools in place: web-site, blog, e-mail newsletter, etc., you can connect your listeners to your product. If they see a benefit to what your are offering, they will pass it on to others.

4. It’s creative.

An audiences can be a focus group for your product. They’re going to ask questions. If you’re attentive to the types of questions, you can find weaknesses in you current offering or grab ideas for new products and services. Let them teach you how to build your business.

5. You can make money.

Many organizations pay their guest speakers. You’re getting paid to market you’re product! This is a good thing.

Whether your goal is to build a network marketing organization, increase your exposure, sell your book, or market left-handed scrolling widgets, telling people your story always helps.