5 Productivity Boosters for the Afternoon Slump

After a morning of hard work knock off for lunch. You get back to your desk and you feel more like having a nap than doing anything else. You could grab a jolt of caffeine or a dose of sugar to keep you going, but that’s not very healthy or helpful.

Instead, use these five tips to boost your energy.

  1. Get the morning right – Start your day with exercise. This will give an all-day energy boost. Eat a good breakfast for fuel and to avoid overeating at lunch.
  2. Be moderate at lunch – Avoid heavy-calorie, heavy-carbohydrate lunches. Include protein to boost brain alertness. If you need a snack, nutritionists suggest low-fat yogurt and fruit.
  3. Schedule tasks appropriately – After lunch is not the best time to read the long, lulling policy eport. Make phone calls, have meetings and other social tasks.
  4. Try a “pick-me-up” – Listen to high-energy music, so long as it doesn’t disturb co-workers or workflow. Breath deep, drink cold water, etc. Taking a brisk walk is exercise and will get you out into natural light.
  5. Check your regular habits – Are you experiencing a caffeine slump after too many cups of coffee in the morning? Are you staying up too late at night, watching television in bed or do you have a sleep disorder. All these can rob you of a good night’s rest.

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