5 keys to making success a habit

Want to make success a habit in your life? If you’ve got determination, it may be simpler than what you think. All you need is a change in your thinking pattern. Changing your thoughts can change your beliefs, your expectations, your attitude, and consequently, your behaviour.

A change in behaviour will eventually lead you to a change in performance. And when you perform at your peak, you succeed. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, or what you do for a living, by changin the way you look at thingsand think about things, you can achieve success.

The following keys can help you unlock a success habit:

1. Focus

Focus is the ability to bring all of our talents, skills, mental energy, and knowledge to bear on a specific task or desired outcome. It is one of our most powerful tools. When focussed, individuals report the experience of “time evaporating.” It is total immersion in the process of doing and creating. In sports, it is known as being in the ‘zone’.

With focus, we can move mountains. Without it, life & work can be difficult and full of frustration. Ambivalence about what you want will undermine your success. Make up your mind, and be realistic about your desires. Successful people use what they desire as motivation.

2. Set Goals

You can’t measure achievement if you don’t know where you’re going. Set specific goals such as: I’ll walk for 30 minutes per day; or I’ll write a 1,000 words each day; or I’ll lose 20 pounds.

Chose simple goals to start. Once you’ve achieved the simple goals, reward yourself and moved on to more complex goals. Write them down and keep them in your mind all the time. Focusing on your goals will help you get through the day. Successful people.

3. Take Action

Any goal can be broken down into smaller steps to make them more manageable. Break your principle goal into smaller goals, and then the small goals into simple steps. Then, give yourself deadlines to complete each step. Keep focused on the goal, while persistently working through the day-to-day steps and anything is within your reach.

4. Cultivate Your Attitude

Successful people have the discipline to stay positive even through rough times. They don’t worry about things going wrong. Attitude is a result of deliberate action.

Once negativity seeps into your thinking, it can immobilize you and stop you from taking action. Worrying is useless. If you think about it, most things we worry about don’t ever happen anyhow. Even when some things go wrong, you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way if you have a positive attitude.

5. Have Passion

What is really important for you? What do you really want in life? Whatever it is, you need to develop desire for the things you want. This desire has to come from your mind and your heart, and it should be your driving force. Like a compass on a ship, your desire will guide you through rough waters until you get to your destination.

Determination and optimism can carry you toward achieving the goals needed to create the life you want. When your vision is clear, you don’t get stopped by temporary problems. Even when you feel like giving up, your vision can carry you through those moments.

Teach yourself to remain centred and focused, like successful people. Do whatever it takes to reach your goals. What you’re working for is worth the effort.

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