4 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity

Self Motivation – If you want to make new things happen you need to be able to drive yourself. Most people have the misconception that creativity is exclusive to those with special skills or some sort of genetic predisposition to creativity. Nothing is further from the truth. Creativity is a muscle that needs exercise to grow and give great results.

If you don’t practice creative thinking, this skill can die. How do you unleash creative thinking? Here are four ways to stimulate creativity:

  1. Open yourself to creativity. Creativity breeds creativity. Take in as much knowledge, from as many sources, as you can: read, watch, listen, taste as much as possible. Keep an open mind. Absorb as much of information as you can.
  2. Practice creativity every day. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. Write in a journal everyday. Carry your camera with you at all times and snap away. The more creativity you practice each day, the further you will push your limits. Soon these exercises be a part of you and you’ll miss them when you don’t practice them.
  3. Think differently. Sometimes, being creative means being different. Different can be scary for most people. It may feel like you’re working in new territory where no one has been before. Remember this, many have experience and overcome the same insecurities you feel. Stick with it. The reward outweighs the fear.
  4. Always try something different. Just because it’s been done one way for years doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it the old way. Just because you have tried a particular experience doesn’t mean you should avoid it for the rest of your life. Let your experiences broaden your perspective. Explore a new area in your community. Visit a museum you’ve never been to before. Make new friends. Listen to a different style of music. As you reach beyond your common experiences, your sense of adventure will grow.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? If you’re like most people, the older you get, the fewer the new things you want to try. If so, you’ve been missing out on a whole lot of experiences that might have added to your mental and spiritual growth.

Why not start something new today? If you follow these four steps, soon others will look at you with envy. Unleashing your creativity will bring a new zest for life.

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