25 Simple Tips for Self Motivation

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    motivation (Photo credit: I am marlon)

    Visualize successful outcomes.

  2. Use positive affirmations to boost your attitude.
  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find successful people and ask them how they do it. Pick their brains and copy their techniques.
  4. Give yourself rewards.
  5. Find what really interests you and you’ll get into the habit of wanting to learn.
  6. Be realistic about what you can achieve.
  7. Team up with others. If you are having a bad day, others can encourage and motivate.
  8. Always finish things. If you keep starting things and don’t complete them, you end up thinking you can never get anything done.
  9. If something goes wrong, keep it in perspective. It doesn’t mean that you’re bad at everything.
  10. Be persistent, “Constant dripping hollows out a stone.” —Lucretius
  11. Don’t procrastinate. You’ll find that whatever you’ve been putting off isn’t as bad as you thought.
  12. You can’t achieve everything at once. Learn to be patient – break tasks down into small chunks and tackle them one at a time.
  13. Set goals and targets for yourself.
  14. Use different types of music to fire yourself up, concentrate or relax.
  15. You have to work hard to achieve success.
  16. Be confident; believe that you can do whatever you are planning to do.
  17. Work organized: it’s easier to work if you can find things you need.
  18. Sometimes it’s just not the right time to work. Take some time out to go outside, read a book, play a musical instrument.
  19. Focus on what you have done well in the past to motivate for the future.
  20. Avoid negative thinking. Don’t say, ”I’ll never be able to do that” Instead say, “I’ll try and then I’ll know for certain if I can do it or not.”
  21. Read and listen to success and motivation material.
  22. Get family and friends on-side to give support.
  23. Set time-lines to reach your goals.
  24. Have a system for collecting ideas.
  25. Have fun. The more you enjoy what you’re trying to accomplish, the easier it’s going to be.