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How to Write a Speech

  Writing your speech is a good idea. I don’t mean writing a speech for the sake of writing one, but rather, if you have to give a speech, it is best to write it out. There are few speakers who are able to give a speech off-the-cuff … Continue reading

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Why we can’t go completely paperless

Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead ! from INfluencia on Vimeo.

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The Benefits of Checklists

I’m a big fan of the checklist. When I need to remember a number of items or how to step through a process, nothing works as well as the list. Chip and Dan Heath look at the effectiveness of checklists … Continue reading

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A Telephone Etiquette Test

While forms of technology are making inroads into the communication process, the telephone is still an important source of contact with people. You need to make sure the experience is pleasant and efficient. Test you telephone skills with this simple quiz: How quickly should … Continue reading

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The world’s shortest interview?

Forget speed-dating, how about speed-recruiting? Pizza Hut is recruiting for a Social Media Manager (or ‘Manager of Digital Greatness’), and candidates will have interviews of just 140 seconds in length! The company wants applicants to be able to demonstrate that … Continue reading

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33 Unwritten Rules of Management

These rules are credited to Bill Swanson. In a news story several years ago, it was revealed not all the rules are original. Whatever the source, they are useful aphorisms for life management. The handbook has become an underground hit among … Continue reading

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