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5 Productivity Boosters for the Afternoon Slump

After a morning of hard work knock off for lunch. You get back to your desk and you feel more like having a nap than doing anything else. You could grab a jolt of caffeine or a dose of sugar … Continue reading

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Manage Your Paper With a RAFT

Ruthless paperwork is the route to a clean desk. It’s a problem of small-scale decision-making, every piece of paper requires a decision and a final destination. Too often, papers fall prey to the procrastination syndrome: I’ll think about it tomorrow. … Continue reading

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5 keys to making success a habit

Want to make success a habit in your life? If you’ve got determination, it may be simpler than what you think. All you need is a change in your thinking pattern. Changing your thoughts can change your beliefs, your expectations, … Continue reading

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How to Connect With Your Audience

Communication works best in an active, not a passive environment. If you want to get your message across to your audience members, you have to connect with them. Interaction is a continuous way to get feedback on how well your … Continue reading

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