20 Questions for Setting New Year’s Resolutions

The end of the year is traditionally a time to reflect on the past twelve months and set resolutions for the year to come. We start on January 1st with high aspirations and motivation to make change in our life, but our resolve doesn’t survive much beyond the end of January.

While a desire for self-improvement might get us started, it’s rarely enough to keep us going all year. Having a plan can make a huge difference in the accomplishment of goals or resolutions. The following 20 questions can help you map out a plan that will have a stronger chance of success for the year.

Take a few minutes to reflect on the previous year and ask:

  1. What went well?
  2. What didn’t work out as I had hoped?
  3. What unexpected joys did I discover?
  4. What unexpected obstacles came up?
  5. How did I deal with the obstacles?
  6. Could I have done anything differently?
  7. Are there unrealistic expectations I need to let go?

Looking ahead to 2013:

  1. What are my goals for the coming year?
  2. What steps must I take to get each goal started?
  3. What are my dreams for the coming year?
  4. What steps can I take to change each dream into a goal?
  5. What resolutions will I make for the coming year?
  6. What steps must I take to stick to my resolutions?

Once goals and resolutions have been set, ask these questions:

  1. How will I structure the year to support my goals?
  2. How do the elements of my lifestyle support reaching my goals?
  3. How can I change the non-supportive elements?
  4. Where do I need to be more disciplined?
  5. Where do I need to relax?
  6. How am I measuring progress towards my goals?
  7. How will I celebrate milestones and accomplishing my goals?
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