10 Ways to Enjoy a Day Off

A couple of weeks ago was Canada Day. In three weeks time it will be Heritage Day in Alberta, a Provincial holiday which focuses on the many cultures that make up our population. We haven’t yet put together our plans for the weekend, but have a couple of ideas.

Successful people understand the importance of taking personal time to recharge and revitalize. It doesn’t require an extended break with elaborate plans—sometimes those are more tiring than work. Making the most of a few spare hours can give you extra energy and help overcome stresses in your life.

Here are ten simple things you can do with a day off:

1) Have a picnic, barbecue or party

Get a bunch of people together—friends and family—and have a good time. Make it pot-luck so one person is not stuck with all the work. Pull out games, sports equipment or whatever entertainment you enjoy.

2) Sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast

Sometimes the stress of getting out the door in the morning gets the day off to a bad start. Take advantage of no pressure on the schedule to get up slower and take your time starting the day.

3) Play tourist in your own town

Often we overlook the events and attractions in our own backyard. Go to the museum. Visit a historical site. Go to arts or sporting event. Discover the things that make your community great.

4) Catch up on your reading

Reading is a key activity for personal development and relaxation. Take advantage of extra time off to catch up on your reading.

5) Have a movie/television marathon

Rather than spending a hour a couple of nights per week watching you favourite shows, record them and watch them all on a day off. Pick up the DVD collection of season 1, 2, 3, etc. of the shows you like and watch them without commercial interruptions.

6) Go visit family and friends

Take time to visit with friends you may not see often. Visit a grandparent or some other older family member who may not get out much. Meet with friends at your favourite “third space”.

7) Catch up on correspondence

Maybe most of your computer time is devoted to work-related activities. Take some time to answer personal e-mail. Update your Facebook status and check out a few of you 742 “friends”.

8) Be a slob

Skip the shower, grow some fuzz on your face and wear the rattiest clothest you can find. If you need to justify the slovenly look, do some yard work.

9) Take a long walk

Get into some physical activity. Go for a walk or run. Get together with a friend for a little one-on-one basketball. Get a crowd together for some touch football.

10) Work on a hobby or project

Maybe you’ve got a half-finished quilt in the cupboard or maybe the new cupboards are unfinished. Get to the hardware or craft shop, pick up the supplies you need and finish the project.

How about it, what ways do you unwind on a day off?

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