10 Quick and Easy Ways to Say Thank You

The woman who looks after children’s programs at our church gives out a thank you treat every week to her helpers. It’s usually a candy attached to a slip of paper, with a punny note.

For example, she tapes a Hershey’s Hug to the paper and the note says, “Here’s a hug for all the good work you do.” It’s a simple gesture. The time and money involved is small, but the recipient feels great.

Saying thank you doesn’t need be be a big production. In fact, most of the time, it shouldn’t be. “Thank you” should be a quick and natural response when someone helps you out or does you a favour.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to say thank you:

  1. Say thank you directly to the person. Tell them what you appreciate and why.
  2. Send a handwritten note.
  3. Send a thank-you e-mail.
  4. Pick up the phone and call someone to thank them.
  5. Acknowledge their effort in front of friends, family or coworkers.
  6. Print your own personalized thank-you certificates.
  7. Keep a handful of certificates for free beverages from your local coffee shop.
  8. Keep a handful of chocolate bars to give as an anonymous thank you.
  9. Bake some cookies.
  10. Take them out for dinner.

What are some other ideas? Leave them in the comments.