Journal writing is a good way to document events in your life. Time passes quickly and thoughts evaporate are lost unless written down. A journal entry can remind you of something you thought today, months from now.

Looking at a blank page in a journal can be daunting; where to begin. Here are 10 questions you can ask yourself to get ideas flowing.

  1. What were the significant events of the day?
  2. In what way was this day different from other days?
  3. Did I have any significant conversations?
  4. What did I read today? Did it say anything special to me?
  5. How did I feel during the day? What were the high and low points?
  6. Was I worrying about anything today?
  7. What gave me particular happiness or joy?
  8. What did I accomplish today?
  9. Did I fail at anything and what lesson did I learn?
  10. Did I gain any insights into myself or someone else?
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