10 New Year’s Resolutions for Self-Improvement

Often our new year’s resolutions focus on specific behaviours we wish to change: weight loss, exercise more, etc. It’s good to have specific goals with outcomes in mind when trying to make changes to a specific habit.

What if you’re looking to improve the way you live your whole life? What sort of resolutions can direct you to an improved quality of life? Here are ten resolutions that can affect change in all areas of your life. Print them and stick them someplace where you will see them daily.

This year I resolve:

  1. To live life to the fullest of my ability, in everything I do.
  2. To never waste the time available to me, but to make each minute count.
  3. To never do anything which I would not want to do if I knew it was the last hour of my life.
  4. To never do anything motivated by revenge or a desire to get even with anyone else.
  5. To always look for the best in others and never idly speak in a negative way about others.
  6. To always ask myself, how I can improve what I am doing.
  7. When I experience difficulties, I look for lessons I can learn from the circumstances and for things that make me stronger.
  8. To learn from the successful behaviours and actions of people around me.
  9. To look for ways to improve the lives of those less fortunate than I.
  10. To always think and speak positively.